You will find that we love to worship! Our greatest desire is that all of our worship, in all of its expressions, please an audience of One—our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you attend our services regularly, you will find that we are committed to expressions of worship in music that are traditional and yet fresh. Over the years, God has given His Church a treasury of hymns to convey the rich theological truths of the Christian faith. In a day when churches are casting aside these hymns, we are committed to learning and celebrating the good hymns and songs God has so graciously given to His Church in the past.

We are equally committed to learning and celebrating the new hymns and songs God is presently giving to His church. This is why when you come and worship with us, you will encounter the best of the traditional hymns, as well as some of the new hymns that are part of God’s rich blessing to His people!

So, when you come in to worship, we invite you to join with us as we sing the rich hymns of the faith, old and new, in a way that honors God, reflects our heritage as a church, and refreshes our spirit before the Lord!